How to add an image to WordPress blogs, by someone who uses Blogger.

casey straight christmas w ears

Word Press is really a nightmare. How can people make such nice blogs with this bureaucratic nonsense.
A friend who has helped me on legal issues asked me how to put an image in WordPress. Only I use Blogger. So I opened up a new site in WordPress so I could figure out how to help her.

From new/edit page you can add an picture that is on your pic by clicking ‘Add media’ in top left hand (Right above the Bold button)

I'm not dressed and coifed. Don't look at me!

I’m not dressed and coifed. Don’t look at me!

The above photo was pulled in from a URL from pinterest. I just went to the photo I wanted, right clicked and chose Copy URL to image

The pasted it in the URL box. However WP has already put the http: beginning on it, so I had to remove the duplication.

Need I’ll upload an image from my pc. When you receive images for a blog, put them in a file where you can easily file. FY Folder under Guest Blogs: Date of Blog Liza OConnor

There you should have filed any photos I sent to you in the email.. Let’s say I sent you a gremlin, and my book cover along with a word document that contains all my words..So first you open the word doc in WORD and, hit CTRL A (which copies everything) Then come to this page and paste it in.

Now I can’t account for other people, but I will chatter on nonsensically and then when I want to add a picture I’ll space and say ‘put book cover here’


So you’ll go to Add Media above, go up to the top choice File Upload and select a picture from the file you created for my blog stuff. upload it, select it and once it’s on the page you should remove the text ‘put bookcover here’

That’s it. You can’t do much with video unless you cough up more money. I’m definitely staying with blogger.

Hope this helps.

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